Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fabric Ready to Sew

Sometimes the hardest thing about sewing is making a spot to sew in. But I really needed to get busy on my new clown costume so I cleared off the dining room table. I zigzagged all the edges of about 12 pieces of fabric, and now they are in the washing machine getting all the sizing out. They should dry quickly today. It's like summer out there. I'm glad the five day windstorm is over so I can hang stuff on the line again. Holding all that colorful fabric is stripes, stars, checks and polka dots just makes me happy.

I still can't decide if I want to go with a dress or pants, jacket, vest and blouse. The latter would be more modular and easier to swap out if a piece of it gets stained. It's pretty hard to get through a party with children without getting either food or paint on me somewhere.

Since there are surely many other clowns out there with the name Starry, I'm going to go with Starry Starry Night the Clown.

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