Monday, January 21, 2013

Sounds Like a Party

I had so much fun at the gig yesterday. The children were just spellbound with the face painting part. They all clustered around me hanging on my every word. The only time they ran off was when the birthday girl got a real live puppy for her birthday present. I can’t compete with puppies! Balloons were popular too and for a minute I thought I might run out! I thought I’d taken plenty. I need to get a new bag before the next party. My costume worked great except when it came to juggling! The long hair yarns kept getting hung up on my hands when I was trying to juggle. Maybe next time I’ll tie them behind my back first, or stuff them into my hat or something. The hostess turned on her music as I was about to juggle and it was so much more fun with the music. As a personal change I've decided not to hand out any candy. Too many kids seem to have allergies these days or weight issues. Instead I gave out toys. I got party headband crowns and dinosaurs and kazoos. The kids had no idea how to use a kazoo, so I'm not getting those again. But the crowns went great with the face painting. The hostess was so nice. She even gave me an enchilada plate to take for my lunch. And a tip. Awesome!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Costuming Challenge

I needed to come up with an outfit for juggling, face painting and balloons today. There wasn’t time to sew anything nor money to buy anything new. So everything had to be stuff I already owned. Half the elements I wanted to use where in the red family. The other half were in the blue family. I couldn’t figure out a way to marry them together. Then a few hours before the party I figured it out. I would make yarn hair ornaments using all the colors in my outfit. Then even if I take off my black and red hat, the rest of the costume would still look like it belonged together. I’ve done similar things with belly dancing costumes. Also I decided to wear blue striped socks with my maroon leg warmers since the skirt is maroon and the vest is blue. I’m not wearing a wig today and I wanted to fancy up my hair some so the colorful yarn braided into it should do just the trick. It will also keep my hair from tangling in the wind since the party is outside and inside and the wind tends to kick up in the afternoon. To make the hair streamers, you cut long lengths of yarn and then tie them to a hair elastic using a lark’s head knot (like in macramé). I doubled each strand. I will braid the top part into my hair and let the bottom part stream down giving a merry effect. It makes my hair look longer than it really is. I’ll try to take some photos before I leave today. I also bought shoelaces to match my outfit on the way to the party. I think they were just the right touch. It made my day when I arrived at the party and the person who hired me said, "You look great!"

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gig Tomorrow

I'm so excited that I'm going to be doing a birthday party in Victorville tomorrow. I'll be doing face painting, balloon creations, and juggling. I cleaned out my face painting kit and filled it with new supplies. I have half of my costume together. I hope I get home before it's dark so I can juggle a bit. It's my first party in the High Desert so I'm crossing my fingers that it leads to bigger and better things.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Confidence Lost Opportunity Missed

Here I am an out of work children's entertainer, and I'm on the library computer, and right behind me the librarian is calling a children's storyteller or something trying to book a March Dr. Seuss event.  I am torn. Do I leap up and say 'pick me pick me'? I'd love to know what website she was looking at when she called them but I don't want to be a nosey nellie. Do I come back carrying balloon animals in one hand and a portfolio in the other? Or do I do nothing, hating myself for not being more prepared.

I can't count how many times this has happening to me. Like once I showed up for a hypnosis show and the hypnotist had just called in sick. Here was my big chance to hop up and say,"I just happen to be a stage hypnotist.' But I didn't think they'd believe me so I kept my mouth shut. What are the odds that a random stage hypnotist would just happen to be sitting in the audience? I wish I had more bravado but I don't.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Juggling New Year

In spite of a frosty cold New Year's Day, my 2 year old grandson wanted to see some pin juggling, so his father and I hopped outside and did some juggling. Then my grandson picked up 2 clubs and waved them around in his attempt to replicate of juggling.  Then my daughter gave it a go, only to find that juggling at 8 months pregnant is more than a bit challenging. I think it's good luck to start out the new year with the joy of juggling. Happy 2013.