Monday, December 24, 2012

Juggling on Christmas Eve

I took a nap and when I woke up the wind had died down. That's the good news. But it was also nearly dark and frosty cold.  So I got a few juggling photos and ran back inside. Maybe this will become my new Christmas Eve ritual.

College and Juggling

If this infernal wind ever stops blowing, I'm going to go outside and juggle. Unfortunately I didn't get my wish for a home with high ceilings and a warm interior well lit room I could juggle in so I'll have to settle for juggling outside in winter. This was never a problem when I was in college as there are plenty of gyms and recreation facilities and theater stages with high ceilings. Maybe I should go back to college for the perks.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Clown Costume

Now that I've moved I feel like a whole new clown look is in order. I'm busy crocheting a clown wig with long spirals.  Then I think I'll make a mini-top hat to go with it for one look and a elf hood for another look. I usually make my clown costumes from scratch. A clown costume needs to be durable and easy to clean from all those sticky cotton candy fingers and cake and ice cream.  I also have to be able to juggle in it.

It's cold where I live now, so I can add a jacket to my outfit without getting too hot. I never would have done that when I lived in Anaheim. The make-up would have melted right off of my face.

So far I only got on call from Craig's List and it seemed like a marketing spam, so I didn't click on the link. I still have my fingers crossed that I'll get some gigs in 2012.

Friday, December 21, 2012

About the Name of My Blog

Looking back at my life, I think a lot can be explained by saying I feel like there is a circus inside me, just waiting to get out. So I thought that was an apt name for my performing blog. I wish I had more photos of my earlier performing days. I do have them in albums, but I'd need to find them and scan them and we just moved so I don't know where they are right now.

My friend Ted, who I went to college with, found me on Facebook an sent me a jester photo he took of me long ago. I can't believe he still had it all these years later.
And here is a photo of me in high school hanging out with a band at Magic Mountain.
 It's a scan of a very old polaroid. I met the girl next to me at Magic Mountain and wrote to her for a few years. Her dad owned a Basket Robbins.