Friday, June 20, 2014

Clown Jacket Simplicity 2525

For days I've been visualizing the kind of jacket I want to make for my clown costume. It had to have long tails. It had to be non-restricting enough to juggle in. Buttons would be nice. But I haven't had a chance to go pattern shopping or to dig through my pattern collection. I also wanted the pattern to work for a Steampunk Jacket.

I believe in the Law of Attraction. Yesterday I had a crazy urge to drive to Barstow. I'd been wanting to check it out since we moved here a year and a half ago. So yesterday I drive out there not knowing what to expect; just being a tourist. Eventually I found my way to Walmart. And I eventually meandered into the craft section. Now as you may or may not know it, but most Walmart's got rid of their craft section or downsized it considerably. So I didn't even know there would be a sewing section. And there in the corner was a pattern book flipped open to exactly the clown jacket I had visualized in my mind. And they had exactly one in my size. They also had some more starry fabric so I got that too. It's Simplicity 2525 as shown in this listing: Clown Jacket. Or here. I'm not sure why it costs so much on the Walmart website. I bought it in the store for about $6.

The jacket will be the hardest piece so I'm glad I'm on my way to getting it done.

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