Monday, January 21, 2013

Sounds Like a Party

I had so much fun at the gig yesterday. The children were just spellbound with the face painting part. They all clustered around me hanging on my every word. The only time they ran off was when the birthday girl got a real live puppy for her birthday present. I can’t compete with puppies! Balloons were popular too and for a minute I thought I might run out! I thought I’d taken plenty. I need to get a new bag before the next party. My costume worked great except when it came to juggling! The long hair yarns kept getting hung up on my hands when I was trying to juggle. Maybe next time I’ll tie them behind my back first, or stuff them into my hat or something. The hostess turned on her music as I was about to juggle and it was so much more fun with the music. As a personal change I've decided not to hand out any candy. Too many kids seem to have allergies these days or weight issues. Instead I gave out toys. I got party headband crowns and dinosaurs and kazoos. The kids had no idea how to use a kazoo, so I'm not getting those again. But the crowns went great with the face painting. The hostess was so nice. She even gave me an enchilada plate to take for my lunch. And a tip. Awesome!

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