Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Confidence Lost Opportunity Missed

Here I am an out of work children's entertainer, and I'm on the library computer, and right behind me the librarian is calling a children's storyteller or something trying to book a March Dr. Seuss event.  I am torn. Do I leap up and say 'pick me pick me'? I'd love to know what website she was looking at when she called them but I don't want to be a nosey nellie. Do I come back carrying balloon animals in one hand and a portfolio in the other? Or do I do nothing, hating myself for not being more prepared.

I can't count how many times this has happening to me. Like once I showed up for a hypnosis show and the hypnotist had just called in sick. Here was my big chance to hop up and say,"I just happen to be a stage hypnotist.' But I didn't think they'd believe me so I kept my mouth shut. What are the odds that a random stage hypnotist would just happen to be sitting in the audience? I wish I had more bravado but I don't.

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