Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Clown Costume

Now that I've moved I feel like a whole new clown look is in order. I'm busy crocheting a clown wig with long spirals.  Then I think I'll make a mini-top hat to go with it for one look and a elf hood for another look. I usually make my clown costumes from scratch. A clown costume needs to be durable and easy to clean from all those sticky cotton candy fingers and cake and ice cream.  I also have to be able to juggle in it.

It's cold where I live now, so I can add a jacket to my outfit without getting too hot. I never would have done that when I lived in Anaheim. The make-up would have melted right off of my face.

So far I only got on call from Craig's List and it seemed like a marketing spam, so I didn't click on the link. I still have my fingers crossed that I'll get some gigs in 2012.

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